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Ridian avoids Colt. He’s still furious and, even though he doesn’t want to admit it, hurt. Colt had betrayed them all; ensured that powered people would never make a successful stand. Ridian spends the next couple of days speaking with the inhabitants of the hideout and Colt allows him his space. But eventually they have to head back, lest their absence be noticed. The idea of spending hours in a car with Colt has him wanting to pull his hair out.

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Sierra watches their silent gestures- a secret language borne of this place. And she watches as those who do speak are beaten and broken.

She watches as some plan, with half aborted motions and determined facial expressions. And watches as those who escape are dragged back and shot.

She watches people dying of disease, of starvation, of cold. And watches people lose their minds in response.

She watches and says nothing.

And thinks there must be some other way.

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stargate, DanielJackson

Week 7, Title: I'm from a mother...

Posted on 2017.01.31 at 20:36
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I’m from a mother who hugged me every night before bed,
I’m from a mother who waved a knife at me and threatened to cut me to pieces,
I’m from a father who quit smoking when I was one,
I’m from a father who died of lung cancer when I was twenty three.

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“So we’re getting to your super-secret hide out by car?” Ridian asks as he’s lead towards the sedan. Colt merely raises an eyebrow and Ridian adds, “I was expecting I’d have to crawl through sewer tunnels.”

Colt grins. “Who says you won’t?”

Ridian snorts and gets into the car. Colt doesn’t join him, dancing searchingly instead.

“What are you doing?”

“Just a quick check for bugs or GPS trackers,” Colt replies, finally opening the driver’s door.

It’s then that Ridian spots them. “You still have cassette tapes! How do you still have cassette tapes?”

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stargate, DanielJackson

Week 5, Title: Safe

Posted on 2017.01.15 at 20:26
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Colt bears the stares. The hatred and fear of his people stings, weighs him down. Their jittery broken pleas shake him. He knows it has to be this way. To keep them all safe. He shields himself with a face of nonchalance as another is dragged out to be killed, even as he twists the fates, casts his illusions, changes it all.

His mind worries at the edges of the sanctuary as he lets the new guy in. He fidgets at his illusions, checking every spot, over and over. To any who approaches the place is an empty shell. Only he knows it’s a place their dead walk. He has strong connections but this is the one thing that must remain hidden from them all. One misstep, one moment and it will all come tumbling down.

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Week 2, Title: What it seems

Posted on 2016.12.04 at 19:46
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Ridian’s mind strays to his plans for later as he clears and wipes down the tables. The last few stragglers are making their way outside. Fangs is cashing up. Unyehla is pulling jogging bottoms and a ratty t-shirt on over the slip of a thing she wears for dancing. Adron locks the door.

“Who’s up for a drink?” Fangs asks, already pouring as Unyehla slides onto a bar stool.

“Sorry, places to be,” Ridian answers.

Fangs raises a sceptical eyebrow.

“I’m learning to use my powers through the collar,” Ridian tells her.
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stargate, DanielJackson

Week 1, Title: Power

Posted on 2016.11.23 at 21:52
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Ridian awakens drowsily, lazily beckoning the clock to him. Nothing happens. He rubs a fist against his eyes, but the dream remains. The clock doesn’t move. He gestures towards the room in general, just to draw something- anything- to him. Still nothing. Confusion slides sharp-spiked into panic. He’s not in his room. His powers aren’t working and he doesn’t know where he is. There’s a weight around his neck. His chest clenches and his stomach drops. No. This can’t be happening. No. No. No. His hands grip fiercely at the metal band around his throat. He’s been collared.

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Dear my fifteen year old self,

I’m thirty now and I thought I’d write a letter to the me I was half of my lifetime ago. Rather predictably, a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. The years have taken many of your steel certainties and cast them into doubts. For one, I’m not a teacher. I can hear your horrified gasp from here, you’re wondering what it’s all for, all those efforts, all those perfectly sculpted plans. That solid stalwart dream you’ve had for as long as you can remember. Well, things change. Calm down, it’s fine, I promise. I’m a rota manager at a GP practice, I deal with organising the appointments on the system and the doctors’ schedules, it requires a need for organisational problem solving that I enjoy. All is good.

I expect you want me to tell you what sexual orientation we are. Well, I’ll leave you to figure that out for yourself. Really, the whole ‘I think I like girls but I can’t be gay because I also think I like guys’ thing. The answer is obvious. But you’re allowed to take your time and figure it out. I suppose that’s what being fifteen is for.

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LJ Idol sign up

Posted on 2016.11.01 at 08:03
And we're here again.

This is my therealljidol sign up post. Let the madness begin!

For people who enjoy writing, I encourage you to join too.

penny dreadful

Penny Dreadful Comm. and stuff

Posted on 2016.06.28 at 16:06
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bleodswean and I are the co-mods of a NEW Penny Dreadful comm, check it out verbis_diablo

To kick off the new comm. we've got a comment ficathon going and a discussion post.

Come and enjoy!


I’m currently watching the second season of Penny Dreadful. I absolutely adore Vanessa’s storyline through these two seasons and also adore Frankenstein’s storyline with his creatures and the depictions of them and surprises, light and dark. And the poetry, lyricism and philosophy they all hold. I really love the way this show conveys the weight of guilt. It brings a visceral depth. There’s a realness to the slowness of developments, of things ongoing affecting the characters continually, it’s real and not forced or exaggerated. Which speaks greatly to the actors talents as well as the writing.

I especially love the way Vanessa’s fight is conveyed, throughout but particularly in S1 episode 8. Fighting the darkness with everything, while loving the darkness, while being the darkness. This is also true of Jon Clare, thinking himself much darker than he is but also having the darkness, but then so outmatched by Lily’s darkness. Also Lily’s entire deception, especially her outburst with Jon Clare, a schizophrenic burst from one extreme to another and yet entirely believable and poignant.

Everyones pain and guilt and sorrow in their interactions is done so beautifully. I love the way the characters all meet each other in odd places, forming random yet significant connections to each other. Especially Jon Clare and Vanessa.  

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Captain America: Civil War Review

Posted on 2016.05.09 at 15:40
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Gah. Perfect film is perfect.

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50 days of LJ: Day 7

Posted on 2016.04.16 at 20:46
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I’m still waiting to start my new job, very excited, I think it will probably end up starting in May. I’m thinking of taking a hiatus from writing when I start the job for a couple of months, partly so I can focus on the job and not have the combined stress of job and writing. But also because I’ve gotten into this head-space where there’s always something I’m ‘supposed’ to be writing at the weekend. I feel pressure to get all the things in my head out of my head and onto the page. I have a list of things I want to write and I try to stop myself from spurious ‘other’ writing. And it’s all a bit of a mess. I think I need to allow myself to not write for a while. I was also thinking that in a few years I’ll have a family and kids and won’t have the luxury of having nothing to do. So I shouldn’t spend so much time stressing over making writing ‘a thing I should be doing’. Also, I don’t let it stop me from going out and doing other things, but it does make me frame going out as more of a nuisance and as something that takes time away from writing, even when it’s something I will enjoy, which seems an unhealthy thought process. So I think I just need a writing break in general.

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stargate, DanielJackson

Week 13, Title: Unlit

Posted on 2016.03.11 at 21:01
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One step outside and the world will burn,
A lesson none should have to learn,
So she sits in this tower,
Eschewing this power,
Lets them call her strumpet, vain, irrelevant.

The fog is white- her time is figures in the distance,
Four walls and a singular tumbler of red wine,
The world pulls away at her touch,
This lead-plated gold of her self,
She is a footnote.

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The good old days of livejournal

Posted on 2016.03.09 at 19:51
I have done much good lamenting over missing the good old days of livejournal with several people so when I saw the lovely dreamsofspike post a link to this friendly post for the bringing together of fellow livejournalers who miss the days of old, I thought I'd share it:


This made me think of bleodswean and upupa_epops in particular.

Livejournal is a different creature now, we can't change that. But we can learn how to enjoy what it is and this seems to be a good way to do so. 

stargate, DanielJackson

Week 9, Title: Redacted

Posted on 2016.02.12 at 21:26
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Excerpt of the court hearing transcript for Segmentation Allocation case #8691349C:

Certain portions of this transcript have been redacted for the purpose of national security. Only persons with a security clearance of level seven or higher may read this transcript. Any person without the correct clearances viewing this document may be subject to Segmentation Relocation.

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Week 8, Title: Chiaroscuro Dreaming

Posted on 2016.02.05 at 21:26
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She’s running. Running. Running. Lungs burn. Gunpowder scent surrounds. Ears ring. Eyes see only greys. It’s too dark. More gunshots. Running. Running. Running. Mud squelches underfoot. Hands brace against a perpetual fall, battering away branches. Running. Running. Running.

Impact. Pain shines. Radiates. Engulfs. She falls.


She wakes to a soft light streaming through the window, covers held warmly to her, turns to see the love of her life by her side. She smiles a crooked smile. Just a bad dream, that’s all. It’s a Saturday and they walk in the park. It’s bright, almost ethereal. She breathes in the scent of freshly mown grass. They have a picnic with overly jammed sandwiches and lie down to look at the clouds. She thinks one looks like a dragon. She closes her eyes.


She wakes to copper. Blood. Sticking, spreading. Pain and dark. She moves her limbs until she can lift her body from the ground. Screams. A cold floor and heavy latches. She bangs her hands against the metal walls until exhaustion lays her down.   
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Week 7, Title: Of Gods and Monsters

Posted on 2016.01.29 at 21:46
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She watches her former charges stand in a line, their woman-child bodies stretching upwards, waiting to see who will be chosen. Some look at the floor, some straight ahead, some of their heads tilt down with their gaze straying towards him. One turns to her, she holds the gaze; she owes the girl this much. It’s said that the one who stands before them, eyeing these offerings, is a God. Some of the girls are believers and some are not; she’s still unsure which is best for them. Her chest aches from weariness and her eyes sting from too much time. Her joints groan against each other and her fingers, resting on her walking stick, throb.

The audience are indifferent. They have been raised with this yearly ritual. It is separate to them, doesn’t touch them, they are inured. She remembers long ago when they would look upon her with disgust and fear and misses those days; the days when the younglings they gave up still affected them.

For decades she raised these children to give them away.

The one making his choice may be a God, or he may not be. But she knows one thing for certain: he is a Devil too.

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Week 6, Title: Death Forms

Posted on 2016.01.22 at 22:09
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He wakes to the scent of blood. The smell is familiar, but the nagging hunger it incites is not. One glance at his surroundings and his lips part in shock; bodies- bloody and maimed and dismembered as far as his eyes can see.

They are still here, he realises, their presence screams at him. Their deaths press against his flesh, cloying. Fingers crawl into his mouth, strangle his tongue, push against the crevasse where eye meets nose. It’s suffocating.

A sharp pained cry of a trampled hand. A cold aching helplessness of falling. A panicked, hopeful running. Pushing, pushing, trying to escape. A throng of hurt and despair and agony and will to survive, to save, to help. A mother’s concern for her child. A cascade of all that should have and could have been and need to be. A child’s soft confused whimper. An anger. A strength. A hollow resignation. A weary relief. Echo upon echo upon echo.

Every breath he breathes them in, their icy spectres rending his body and engulfing his mind with feelings that are not his own.

He’s rocking on the floor, fingers fist his hair; his own he thinks. It’s too much. He owes it to them to stay, to allow them in. He can’t. Can’t. Can’t. Never knew there could be so much to feel.

He runs.

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Week 5, Title: Pupate

Posted on 2016.01.15 at 21:44
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The outside only worsens Gordon’s troubled stomach and he stumbles back in. Forgoing his guests he staggers upstairs. He’ll need to apologise to them later. His room is different, odd smells spring from every surface. He wonders briefly if something crawled in and died, but knows it’s not that. Gordon has never noticed before how utterly lacking in smells of any kind his room usually is. Now it’s alive; the pulpy wood of his desk; the soft feathered down; the socks in his hamper are a nightmare. He doesn’t recognise most of them scents, they are new.

Gordon sits on his bed, holding his hand over his nose. Time only makes it worse. He hears the people downstairs leaving. He should go down and say goodbye. He doesn’t. Gordon looks at the bandage on his leg. Maybe it’s infected and that’s causing his sickness. He delicately pries away the white gauze. He stares in shock. No evidence of the bite remains. Not even a notion of a scar.

It must have been smaller than he thought. Just a little scratch and now it’s healed. He throws the bandage in the bin and goes back to the bed, curling up and rocking slightly. Night falls but the fullness of the moon casts a luminescent hue over the room.

His beard has grown, hair engulfs his face. And his arms. And his legs. What is happening? Something is wrong, very, very wrong. He should call an ambulance. Something was in the bite, he’s hallucinating. He doesn’t call. A kernel deep down tells him it’s something else. His teeth are suddenly too large for his mouth, white shards jockey with themselves for position, pushing outwards.

What is going on?

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Week 4, Title: Not a thing to grasp

Posted on 2016.01.08 at 22:38
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Ato’s hands and arms have been full for as long as she can remember. Her earliest memories are of her small arms clasping a neck, body against the back of her mother as they walked, and her legs held tight. Warm, connected, loved. When she was old enough for a day of walking and no longer needed to be carried, she had her own skein to carry in turn; some of their food stock in one hand, her brother’s hand held in the other.

On the rare occasion a hand was free while walking, she would rest it upon one of their buffaloes as her brother told her tales of the majestic beasts.

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Title: Dark Avenger: Merchant of Death (Chapter One)
Fandom(s): Thor, Avengers
Word Count: 1153

Summary: Loki is a master sorcerer and has used his considerable wits and talents to go from the dungeons of Asgard to the throne. But his deception has been discovered and he's been sentenced to a lifetime of slavery. Tony is a powerful, wealthy genius and a self-appointed Merchant of Death. As a master weapon creator he sees exactly the potential Loki holds.Loki intends on swaying Tony to his will. Tony intends on showing Loki the value of co-operation. Will they be each others doom or salvation?
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Week 3, Title: Panglossian Promise

Posted on 2015.12.28 at 14:23
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There’s someone new at the photocopier. She smiles at them, saying,
“Hi, I’m Siobhan.”

“I’m Astrid,” the woman replies, giving a little wave.

Suddenly Siobhan is in a large hall, decorated in yellow-white flowers, with people in fancy clothes sitting on fancy chairs. She and Astrid are there, in two long white dresses.

She’s back in the copy room. She blinks. Well that was an odd daydream. She returns Astrid’s wave and goes back to work.

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Sherlock Meta: An analysis of the machinations and motivations of Mycroft, Magnussen, Sherlock and Lady Smallwood during His Last Vow.

“Coincidence, the universe is rarely so lazy.”

The line seems jarring at first, the notion that a scientist and logical creature like Sherlock would subscribe to this idea. When humans naturally look for patterns, and correlation does not equate to causation; mathematically there must be coincidences. Then comes the realisation, this isn’t the ordinary world with ordinary people they’re speaking of. They’re talking about Mycroft’s world, where nothing is a coincidence, people are highly powerful players and everything happens because someone has machinated it to be so. (This is also somewhat true of Sherlock’s world, where dealing with murderers, every detail/action must be suspect).

First a list of apparent ‘coincidences’ during the episode:
·         Sherlock and Mary both attempt to get to Magnussen through Janine and then end up breaking in on the same night
·         Magnussen was going after Sherlock (to go after Mycroft) and Sherlock simultaneously got a case involving going after Magnussen
·         Lady Smallwood was heading the Magnussen inquiry and hired Sherlock to deal with him and after Sherlock ends up shooting Magnussen she’s the one who has to give the go ahead for what happens to him

So, accepting the premise that none of the happenings in His Last Vow were by coincidence, whose machinations were they? There’s no way of knowing for sure but to get a clearer idea the motivations and machinations of each character need to be considered separately. 
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Week 2, Title: The Girl

Posted on 2015.12.14 at 18:01
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Mia’s afraid for a moment after she wakes but then realises the figure is just a girl, around the same age as her.

“Who are you?” She asks.

The girl doesn’t answer, her eyes just dart around the room and she bites her lip.

“Are you scared? You don’t have to be. I’ll put the light on, that will be better.” She flips the switch and the girl disappears.

By the morning the girl is lost to the world of dreams.

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stargate, DanielJackson

Week 1, Title: Host

Posted on 2015.12.07 at 20:28
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They’re just approaching the bright Bellevue sign when Aaron lets out a loud, “No!”

Sophia takes his arm and pulls him down the alley beside the casino. He follows; it seems he doesn’t want an audience for this either. He’s clutching her arm, his face frozen in fear.

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Fic; Hope Remained

Posted on 2015.11.21 at 17:04
Title: Hope Remained
Fandom: Angel
Characters: Archduke Sebassis' blood slave, Angel, Fred, Wesley.
Word Count: 3204
Summary: Events in season five from the POV of Archduke Sebassis' blood slave. Coda for episodes- 5x05 life of the party, 5x12 you're welcome and 5x22 not fade away.

When he hears that Angel has come to speak to his master something awakens within him. It’s a wretched, hateful thing, which he has long forgotten for his own survival: hope. Over the decades he has grown used to his life as a slave, he is not mistreated, is allowed to speak freely when it’s appropriate and the Archduke Sebassis even bestows affection in the form of petting from time to time. This is his life and he is alright with it.

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LJ Idol: Week 0, Title: Who am I

Posted on 2015.11.20 at 19:11
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Who am I?

It’s hard to explain a person in words on a page. There are the bullet points of life, which sometimes say too little. Then there are those level five friendship - whisper in the dead of night- deepest desires and darkest fears type things, which are probably too much information. So, as we’re here to read and write, and given that writing is often akin to spilling a soul onto the page, I think I’ll explain what kind of writer I am instead; that might give some insight.

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Challenge #32: Check In #1

Posted on 2015.11.14 at 11:07
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Title: Troy and Larson (Excerpt)
Word Count: 250
Rating: PG-13
Fandom or Original: Original
Pairings (if any): None
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/etc): Dark themes
Summary: The powerful and the powerless. (This is an excerpt of one of the things I'm writing for Nanowrimo).

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