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stargate, DanielJackson

Random rambling musings and getting to know people

Posted on 2008.08.21 at 14:14
Current Mood: amusedamused

What cheese do you like?

I've started using livejournal a lot more recently so I figured I should try to get to know the new friends I've made here a bit better. So I just thought I'd ask if anyone would like to say a bit about themselves, it can be anything from what cheese you like to eat to random hobbies you have, I'd just like to hear from people. Stuff about me; I'm at uni at the mo doing maths, I like to write fanfiction (mainly House) and original stories and poetry. I really like watching sci-fi and my favourite tv shows are House and Stargate sg1.  I like to believe that we're never too old to go on swings.

Random musings 

I was thinking about how the portrayel of English people on American TV is so very amusing. So often we seem to be portrayed as overly rich, overly snooty people who according to an episode of Desperate Housewives I just saw have no idea what barbeques are (I LMAO'd at the scene where I think it was Susan's future mother in law  who said  looking at a BBQ "Cooking meat over hot coals how novel" and then proceeded to get herself set on fire). I also loved Emily's family in friends. 

I was watching some adverts the other day, and there was an oilof Olay/Ulay ad that got on my nerves, it said "If you're not ready for cosmetic surgery yet, try this" Like it's saying we all should be ready for surgery/ should all have surgery at some point. Now I'm all for people having surgery if they feel they need it, but they're making it seem like we have to at some point. Actually they're quite cleverly insidious in making it seem like a choice between the product and surgery, because most would choose the product if they believed the suggestions of the ad. The suggestion that we cannot be ourselves, that regardless of how comfortable we feel about ourselves we must ready ourselves to conform. I know I'm reaching but it's just one of many many things in our current surroundings repeatedly (both insidiously and overtly) conveying this message . So I suppose it's not really the ad that I'm annoyed at but at the society that encourages these ads and magazines and people  telling us that we can't be ourselves and be beautiful, because we can. 

I know these products make a lot of people feel great, and gives people confidence and that's a great thing. But it's unfair that they can charge so much for something which in my opinion is most of the time little more than a placebo. Also I wonder how many people would need that extra confidence boost if we weren't surrounded by these messages from the time we're born. I have really beautiful friends who feel ugly without their makeup on and it makes me feel sad. I know there are deeper issues involved than just the messages around us, but lets face it, it doesn't help matters.  

Anyway I'll stop rambling on now, what do you guys think?

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