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Fic; Shadow Self (Chapter One)

Posted on 2013.09.29 at 19:09
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Title: Shadow self (Chapter One)
Characters/Pairings: Stefan, Silas (this chapter). There will be others in future chapters.
Summary: Set immediately after season four, with Silas and Stefan. A different take on the tale of Stefan.
Word count: 540
Beta: Many, many thanks to my awesome beta bleodswean

Their stalemate is an almost tangible force against their bodies, controlling the minutia of their movements. Both standing tall despite the recent water trauma.

“I will go back to Mystic Falls,” Silas announces, regardless of this little upset the town is still where the cure lies.

“I can drive you,” Stefan offers.

Silas smiles wryly as his words have their desired effect, whilst also confirming that Stefan is just as reluctant to leave him to his own activities as he is to leave Stefan. Stefan is not as in control of the situation as he would like to seem if he still considers Silas a threat. Nevertheless Silas knows these new revelations about Stefan’s powers require him to handle the situation with tact.

He sits in the vehicle and absently pokes at Stefan’s mind. Stefan in turn, allows old irrelevant memories out to wrap around and hide the newer ones.

It is a Sunday like any other and Stefan climbs the large steps leading up to the church. But today Damon seems in a mood for disruption and Stefan squirms nervously at the thought of negative attention being drawn to them. Proper behaviour was very important, in church even more so. Sitting in the pew beside his brother, his stomach roils and he taps silently at the air in front of him, his anxiety causing him to miss the first part of the sermon.

Proper etiquette means behaving appropriately, Stefan always behaves himself. The actions are rote, existing simply because they must, a held out chair for one you hate, a smile for the guests when you’re sad inside. The rules simply are what they are, not lies, simply things that are not talked of in public: the Forbes man whose breath smells of medicine, the Fell woman with her flirtatious indiscretions. He understands in the way that these are simple musts. What Stefan questions is why people act like they do not know how each other is feeling, even in private, even with their closest loved ones alone. The pain is so much, maybe that is why they lie, maybe that is why they’re sombre all the time.

“It is not about pain for the sake of pain, it is about the willingness to make a sacrifice,” the pastor says.

The words wrench Stefan from his thoughts, the last word is one he is unfamiliar with, the idea however is not new. Sacrifice, he feels out the word on his tongue, whispers it into his hands. Yes this is the word, the name for the feeling. It has sat heavily in his father’s gut. Giuseppe feels it and so Stefan feels it too.

“How unusual, you were using your powers without even having knowledge of them, do tell how that came to pass?” Silas inquires.

Stefan startles and gives a sigh at the revelation that the tid-bit memory gave so much away. But Silas is aware it’s mostly for show; his shadow self knows exactly what he’s revealing.

“I was a kid,” Stefan begins with false reluctance, shrugging slightly before continuing, “I thought everything I felt was the norm and feelings weren't something that was talked about anyway. I was a few years older by the time I realised that no one else could feel others emotions.”


(Anonymous) at 2013-11-10 16:46 (UTC) (Link)


Great story so far!!!!!!!! Plz continue asap as am hooked and want to know more!!!!!!!!!
swirlsofblue at 2013-11-12 16:02 (UTC) (Link)

Re: shadowselves

Thanks, so glad you're hooked! A lot of the next chapter is already done, but it might be a little bit still before it's posted :).
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