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stargate, DanielJackson

Writing stuff

Posted on 2013.10.09 at 20:47
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At the moment I’m working part time and also doing two other volunteering jobs other than that. So I’m a bit short on time and energy. And also my anxiety issues are in a heightened state due to this. I think one thing that’s giving me unnecessary stress is writing, so I’ve decided there’s a lot of the writing I said I was going to do, that I’m just not going to do. Sorry about being rubbish. I’m not doing the hiatus thing; I just end up thinking about the things I’m going to do later. So there’s some things I’m just going to put on the permanent back burner until further notice, those are as follows:

·         Big Originals meta
·         Any anon requests
·         I am Neal fic
·         Pretty much anything that isn’t listed below in the things I’m planning to do section.

Of course my muse’s response to me deciding to not write for a while is to pour bucket-loads of inspiration on me and promise to keep niggling around my thoughts until I write, in part the fault of the lovely juicy idea-provoking shows I’m watching. These are the things I will be mainly doing:

·         Chapter two of shadow self
·         A series of tiny mini-meta’s (listed below)
·         Rebekah fic/ficlets/an assortment of drabbles/whatever gets these friggin Rebekah thoughts out of my head

The thing is, usually when I write long meta, I watch all the scenes I think could be relevant and then I narrow said scenes down, decide on the scenes I deem relevant and then watch each of said scenes a multitude of times, spending time thinking on every aspect, writing about many aspects, writing outlines and plans, and then framing my crazy theories around it all. I’m not going to be doing this for the mini-metas, I’m pretty much going to just write stuff the way it falls out of my head.

List of mini-meta:

·         Stefan and hallucinations
·         Rebekah and her relationships (1x02 gave me feels)
·         Klaus
·         Elijah
·         Barney/Robin and their general dysfunction


bleodswean at 2013-10-09 22:20 (UTC) (Link)
Stefan and hallucinations *sobs* Yes. This. Please.

If you're feeling anxious and stressed you do need to reroute some things. Writing seems like a good first place to start letting go. Why are you working so much, though?

What are you watching in addition to TVD and TO?
swirlsofblue at 2013-10-10 14:32 (UTC) (Link)
Stefan and hallucinations *sobs* Yes. This. Please.

It is a fascinating topic isn't it ;).

Yeah, I think letting writing go is for the best right now. Well there's the job-job, and then one of the volunteering jobs is so I can get admin experience so I can try to get a better job.

And the other one because I enjoy it and I don't want to give it up because I think it's important at this point for me to be doing something outside where I'm talking to people and enjoying the work.

Also really enjoying watching Scandal, Supernatural, How I met your mother, and Downton Abbey.
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