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stargate, DanielJackson

Episode thoughts; The softer side 5x16

Posted on 2009.02.24 at 15:07

Hello all, I don't usually write about eps as my thoughts are usually a squee-ish mess, but this episode had me a bit confused, so I was wondering about what others thought of the Methodone stuff. 
To me it seemed that House as a doctor would've always known it was an option and up until this point had chosen not to take it whereas now -by his own admission- he has been having worse pain days and that was probably why he chose to start taking it as it had gotten so bad. Why would he then suddenly decide to stop taking it, maybe I'm just not understanding this that's why I'm asking for others opinions. I know like Cuddy said House hates change, but that seems more like trying to find a rationale for House not taking it, because if he continued to take it and be happy the show wouldn't retain the same form.

Another thing House was a brilliant doctor for I'm guessing more than a decade before the infarction, so saying he couldn't be great without pain makes even less sense. Also FORETEEN LOVE, they're great, the way they work together is a lovely new aspect to the show, and I'm finally able to enjoy Foreman as a character. Also KUTNER!LOVE, just because, that is the extent of my coherency on the matter. 

Isn't procrastination in the form of Livejournal brilliant  :).


kaylynnkie at 2009-02-26 18:49 (UTC) (Link)
First, I'm gonna give you some love for your DBS fic *love*
I don't think House realized the effects of the drugs on his intellect. He couldn't handle the sacrifice of his mind for being painfree. His intelligence is the only thing he has. No one can take it away, and after trying out life without it, he realized he couldn't handle not having it.

Hoped that made sense.
swirlsofblue at 2009-02-27 10:17 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks, that does make sense :), and I'm glad you're enjoying the fic.
kaylynnkie at 2009-02-28 03:29 (UTC) (Link)
Glad that I could help you out ;)
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