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stargate, DanielJackson

Title: Experiment

Posted on 2014.12.30 at 19:19
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Title: Experiment
Prompt(s) Used: Security, Silence, Follow the leader
Word Count: 715
Rating: PG-13
Original/Fandom: Original
Pairings (if any): None
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/etc): Dark themes, slavery, mentions of abuse.
Summary: As a free Omega, Orin knows he has to take any opportunity he can get.

Orin held his pen to paper, ready to scribble his signature. There was no going back after this. He got the feeling this was the kind of job where your body ended up in a dumpster if you tried to leave. But he was desperate. Even with the excellent references he had from working as a security guard at the slave training facility, it was still near impossible for an omega like him to find work. After all employers could always have slave omegas working for them for free, unless there was a reason they needed someone who was paid to be there of their own free will. In which case they’d probably just pay a little more and hire some betas.

So he was lucky to have this opportunity. Every instinct he had was telling him to turn it down. He knew too little about the job. It wasn’t a routine job at a training facility like all his previous ones. This was security for some sort of scientific research facility. Possibly they were testing drugs on slave omegas; it made him squeamish just thinking about all the possible side-effects of untested medications. But they did need to be tested on someone. It was probably all fine, just his over-active imagination. Besides, it didn’t matter; he had to feed his family.
He held the pen firmly and wrote his name.


Orin follows the head of security as they walk through the section of the complex he’ll be working in. It quickly becomes clear that this isn’t a facility for testing drugs. There’s row upon row of grey-walled cells, each containing an omega slave; and each slave in a different state of wretchedness, some starved, some beaten, some wounded. Orin tries to keep his expression plain but isn’t sure he succeeds, he’s sure his face has paled. This seems to be a type of torture chamber.

“You will monitor these cells,” the security head says, pointing to a segment of six cells.

Orin merely nods, not trusting his voice. He should be grateful for this job but he’s regretting accepting it already.

“They’re involved in an experiment studying the effects of sleep deprivation, which of course makes it vital that they be kept awake.”

He sees the exhaustion of the cell inhabitants, the bags under their eyes, their hunched, defeated postures. One slave nods towards sleeping and the security head hits a button to sound a loud blaring horn and keep the slave awake. Orin feels bile rise in his throat.


There’s a kind of guilty relief as he watches the slaves and none of them seem close to falling asleep. But of course eventually his luck runs out and a pair of eyes slide to closed. Orin’s fingers hover over the button, silence permeates the space; he can’t bring himself to break it. He rests his fingers onto the button, feels sweat trickle, hopes to feign an attempt at pressing it. Swipes his gaze to his periphery, there’s no one here to see.

The silence grows as more slaves fall into sleeping. Their bodies curling up; sleep deep and desperate.

Days pile onto each other. The button remains untouched, his inaction somehow remains undiscovered. The slaves sleep. Orin feels the pressure increase every day. Time passes and the excuses (he routinely formulates them to explain his behaviour to his superiors upon discovery) become less and less believable. He hears whispers, of what happens to those who don’t fall in line. Rumours of entire families disappearing. Images of his sweet innocent daughters being beaten and bloodied haunt his mind.

Anxiety and fear and desperation coalesce in his mind, he can’t eat, can’t sleep. All he thinks of are these cells. These too silent cells.

The slaves look too well. He will be discovered soon. They are healing. It will hurt no one to deny them sleep this once. Orin sighs, taking a breath, already knowing it won’t be just this once. He has no choice but to obey. Guilt seeps into his shoulders and with a heavy minute push of fingertips he presses the button. The horn blares, slaves startle to awake. Orin hates himself.

Suddenly the security head appears, grinning.

It’s only then that Orin realises that he too is part of this experiment.

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