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stargate, DanielJackson

Writing Comms Promo

Posted on 2015.03.13 at 18:49
 photo tai832_zps38a737d3.jpeg

Writerverse is a wonderful comm if you love to write, with a wonderful variety of prompts and challenges, sourced from the members themselves. The challenges push, drawing out your inspiration. They don't just ask for a drabble, they ask for a drabble where every word is monosyllabic. And you sit there finding a way to make it good. You will surprise yourself.

(This is possibly against the rules of writerverse but since we're here):


This is an absolutely lovely writing community and competition. Which will also push your writerbrain to its limits and beyond. And there are amazingly written pieces to read. Now it's down to its final five and very exciting because every one of them is an astounding writer. If you want to read and vote you can here.

Also next round of LJ Idol: TEAMS.
For all those times you said you were going to write a collaboration with your friends and never got around to it, here's your chance!

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