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50 Days of LJ: Day 1

Posted on 2015.07.12 at 17:35
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So I’ve decided to do my own version of the whole ‘100 days of LJ’ thing, where instead I write a post once a week for almost a year. This feels much more manageable to me than writing a post every day. First I should probably apologise to all the LJ Idol peeps who I promised to badger with comments who I haven’t thoroughly badgered. Work has been hectic. And now, not only am I not badgering you, I’m insisting on posting on my own journal as well. Ah well.

I thought a lot about doing this; I don’t post much on LJ because I am quite introverted/private. (This doesn’t really explain why I ramble along all sorts of stuff about me in other peoples comment sections, where I have no control over the privacy settings, but whoever said neuroses were rational). The thing is I’m trying to make more of an effort to open up to people and LJ seemed a much less scary place to start than real life.

Writing things:

I also think it’s a good way to keep track of the writing I’m doing and actually hold myself accountable to getting writing done. Today I wrote 514 words of a Sherlock fic, it’s an episode coda to the Hound of Baskerville episode. I didn’t get much writing done earlier this week as I got an itsy bitsy cut on the tip of one of my fingers causing said finger to cry blue murder whenever I tried to hit the keys. My other nine fingers didn’t seem to understand the concept of carrying on without their fallen soldier and started doing a tiresome ‘let’s type with two fingers’ dance. But hopefully next week will be more fruitful. I’m going to write some more Sherlock fics and Loki fics.

Real life things:

Work is still very hectic since the move, but I have kind of accepted now that everything is just not going to get done. I have decided to stop volunteering though. Working full time and volunteering on the weekend is just not sustainable. Today was my last day of befriending. It’s weird because, with the exception of the whole depression spiral time after my dad passed away, I’ve been volunteering almost constantly since I was sixteen and it feels like such a big part of me. I think in a way it makes me feel like a better person than I actually am. But there’s just no time for it now, maybe sometime down the line I’ll start volunteering again, but I think I’m done for now.

The baby of one of my best friends had her first birthday party on Saturday. I was feeling very anxious about going, I don’t have a problem with crowds, I just seem to get overly anxious over having to get dressed up and go somewhere new. And I also managed to get lost. But after I found my way, it was an absolutely lovely day and the baby was so adorable as the adults tried to get her to grasp the concept of blowing out a candle. Anyway this was one of my school friends and a couple of my other school friends are also getting married this summer (whose weddings I’m also very anxious about going to). We’re coming to that age I guess where everyone is settling down. I still have no idea what I’m doing, but I think I’m going to put some effort into figuring it out.

Television/book things:

I just read Good Omens, it’s awesome. Go read it. (I think it may be my new favourite book; and I absolutely do not have that reaction every time I read a Pratchett book, 80% of the time at most). I’m about to start reading Gaiman’s ‘Trigger Warning’.

I saw the Supernatural season finale a while ago, but I still think it merits mention. Can we talk about the whole LUCIFER HAD THE MARK SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME thing? He had this all-consuming darkness in him and it took him billions of years to be corrupted and then when he finally capitulated he was thrown out of heaven for it. And no one talks about this.

Suits is awesome. Go watch it. Yeah, I think we see why I don’t write posts reviewing/talking about books and tv.

I watched season 1 of ‘How to get away with murder’, I’m a massive fan of Shonda and for me it just doesn’t live up to her other works. Though I’m not a big fan of season 1 of Grey’s either so maybe it’s a wait and see thing. Scandal was perfect from the offset. It feels like there were two lawyer show ideas and she made the better one and then decided to go back and do her second choice too. I’m also not a fan of things where I feel like I’m just watching to find out what happens next, this has that feel to it for me. To be honest if it was made by someone else I probably wouldn’t be so hard on it, I just expect better from Shonda because she’s awesome. And the show does have its ingenius moments and I do adore the Connor/Oliver storyline. Also got to love the ‘their phone is there so this is evidence they were at the crime scene during the murder’ because our phones are surgically attached to us and could no way be planted by someone else. Also the entire point of getting someone else to kill someone for you is so you can get yourself an alibi, why no alibi?


bleodswean at 2015-07-13 14:48 (UTC) (Link)
I struggle to connect these dots in my mind in the shape of YOU. To me, you appear HUGELY generous and gracious and full of a kind of party girl-like response to situations and others! But, you know yourself best, and if you are an introvert and grit your teeth to get through some things, I empathize. *hugs* I am certainly thrilled to see more of your voice here!

Good Omens is a classic and a treasure and I wish more folks knew it. I think it has a difficult "learning curve" there in the beginning.
swirlsofblue at 2015-07-13 19:10 (UTC) (Link)
*Points at your icon* I'm much more outgoing on the internet and also when I'm alone with one or two people in real life, more than that and I tend to quiet down and mainly listen. It's a position I've been happy with for a large part of my life, but I feel it's time to extend my circle. It's not so much teeth gritting (I may angst and be anxious beforehand, but usually once I'm there it's all good), more that I tend to gravitate towards those I know and then sit quietly listening to them, which I do enjoy doing. But I feel I want more close relationships now.

YES. It is an absolute treasure. There are many deep thought ideas conveyed exceedingly humorously, that's always going to require a learning curve.
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