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stargate, DanielJackson

50 Days of LJ: Day 6

Posted on 2015.08.30 at 15:43
I had a lovely week off. I managed to get enthralled in reading a fic that’s the length of about four frickin novels. I just read chapter six hundred and something and went, oh I’m near the end, and then realised there’s still 84 chapters left. I only wrote about 2500 words, but I finished two fics and two metas, so that’s something. All of them still need a hell of a lot of editing and I still don’t know how I feel about trying to get writing done this quickly, it gets stuff out of the way but it feels like the result is of lower quality and I’m just hoping I can fix it in the editing process.

I watched season one of Agent Carter. It is good. Peggy is absolutely badass and awesome. But I found the whole forties women-can’t-do-anything-oh-look-we-were-wrong thing tiring, I get that that was the point of it and an attempt at realism. But it felt there was an unnecessary obsession with it. The men look like idiots because they’re constantly underestimating the women despite being proven otherwise. They do manage to pull their heads out of their collective asses towards the end of the season, but still. Also I get that the radio-plays were meant to be cringe-worthy and a mirror against the actuality. But I have a low tolerance for cringe. But Peggy was awesome and Howard was awesome in his brief appearance. And I’d definitely watch a second season.

It gave me Howard, Tony, Peggy, Steve, feels/thoughts. The transitive nature of people’s lives, the notion that most of Steve’s people became Tony’s people, and now Steve and Tony know each other also. I just want all the Peggy in Tony’s life, watching him grow up fics. I also want fics with Stark Industries and these people having random shares in it because they were there at the beginning, because Peggy and Howard practically spent their whole working lives together (considering the Ant Man timeline). Also how frickin old was Howard when he had Tony because he was old enough in ’41 to have grown his company from nothing to one of the richest in America.

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