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stargate, DanielJackson

Fic; Dark Avenger: Merchant of Death (Chapter One)

Posted on 2016.01.03 at 17:42
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Title: Dark Avenger: Merchant of Death (Chapter One)
Fandom(s): Thor, Avengers
Word Count: 1153

Summary: Loki is a master sorcerer and has used his considerable wits and talents to go from the dungeons of Asgard to the throne. But his deception has been discovered and he's been sentenced to a lifetime of slavery. Tony is a powerful, wealthy genius and a self-appointed Merchant of Death. As a master weapon creator he sees exactly the potential Loki holds.Loki intends on swaying Tony to his will. Tony intends on showing Loki the value of co-operation. Will they be each others doom or salvation?

“What’s up?” Tony asks as Thor enters, frowning.

Thor sighs. “Father will still not allow me to bid on Loki, I fear who his next master will be.”

Tony gives Thor one of his sincerest cocky smiles. “I’ve got an idea, why don’t I bid on him!”

Surprise and hope briefly bloom on Thor’s face before it sinks back into its previous position. “That would mean much to me, but I doubt father will allow a friend of mine to bid either.”

“Well sure if you put it to the old man like that, of course he won’t. Tell him The Merchant of Death wants to bid. Tell him as the king of the main empire of
weaponry and technology, I pretty much run this world.”

Thor’s features lighten, “I believe that may work.”


And that’s how Tony ends up on Asgard, staring at a scantily clad Loki being paraded on an auction block.

The auctioneer speaks loud and boisterous, “Here we have Loki, former Prince of Asgard, The Liesmith, The Trickster, The Usurper, sentenced to slavery for stealing the throne and masquerading as the king of all the nine realms. Whoever owns him will have power over him and his magic. He is up for auction on this day as his previous four masters have been unable to control him. Who here is courageous enough to take the challenge of breaking this foul Frost giant once and for all!"

The crowd roars and cheers at this. 

Even as they cheer Tony knows there are only a few who intend on bidding. Thor explained that the majority of the Asgardians believe slavery has rendered Loki a fool, as he repeatedly flees only to always get caught and punished. Tony, on the other hand, is incredibly impressed that Loki has, with very few resources at his disposal, and whilst already being labelled a flight risk, managed to repeatedly escape.

“We will now begin,” the auctioneer announces, over the cacophony, gesturing for quiet, “Who will bid one thousand logeyrir?”


“One thousand and five hundred.”


Tony sits still in his chair, carefully running his gaze over the room, clocking those who are bidding and those who he thinks are planning on joining at some point. The truth is he’s been waiting for this opportunity since Thor first told them about Loki’s sentence five years ago. He has no intention of leaving without Loki. Usually when he really wants something in an auction he just announces a bid higher than anyone else there can afford. But there’s always the odd occasion when he’s bidding against others who are just as wealthy as he is- in which case he has a selection of detailed strategies.

And some of the people here have even more money than he does. He needs to make sure they don’t dig in their heels out of stubbornness or get some idea from Tony’s bidding that maybe Loki’s worth more than they originally thought. It’s time to perform.

He begins chattering inanely. And it isn’t hard to grin manically. He’s excited, gleeful, at the thought of all the things he plans. Tony is a master weapon creator and he understands far better than these guys just how much Loki can do. 

It isn’t long before others begin laughing at him, the foolish drunken mortal, unaware of what he’s doing.


They are roaring with amusement, egging him on to bid higher and higher.

Tony knows it’s getting slightly out of control; they’re enjoying themselves too much. It could go on forever. He makes a show of swaying in his seat and blinking rapidly.

“One hundred and ninety million.”

“Enough now, if he passes out before he places another bid you will be lumbered with this price.”

“Just one more.”

“Very well.”

“Are there any bids for one hundred and ninety million?”


“Two hundred million.”

Even Tony would usually be wincing at that price, but it’s an investment, he has glorious plans, and he has no doubt he’ll make the money back tenfold. He gives another cheery, “Aye!”

“Two hundred and ten million. Are there any bids for two hundred and ten million? Very well, the slave Loki goes to the mortal, Tony Stark.”

Tony straightens up, showing all present that he’s perfectly sober and sends them a wicked smirk.


The guards leave as soon as they drop him on Midgard at Tony Stark’s feet.

Loki stays in his kneeling position; it’s not so much obedience as it is giving the appearance of obedience. His previous masters were idiotic and short-sighted in their greed. Whereas Stark, Loki knows he can work with, he knows the mortal will recognise what Loki can truly do for him and with some careful manipulation he’s certain he can get the better of the man.

Stark’s hand comes to rest on his shoulder, he doesn’t flinch. In the next moment he feels some of his magic returning to him. He hates the surge of gratitude towards Stark for even this small allowance. The ability to hide himself from Hiemdall and the ability to make an illusion of himself appear. It’s clear what the mortal wishes him to do but more concerning is the intent behind it.

There’s little Stark could do at this point which would anger Asgard. After all Loki is considered his slave to do with as he pleases; short of maiming and killing him. Loki is wary that this may be an attempt on his life. But he also doesn’t wish for Stark to take the power away again. Plus the opportunity to be able to hide himself from Asgard’s sight once more fills him with pleasure and relief; he revels in the chance to fool Asgard even if it may be his own undoing. Besides there are other reasons, other possibilities Stark may be thinking of, and if he isn’t Loki will be sure to expound on them.

He casts the spells and waits.

“Done yet?” Stark asks, his voice isn’t its usual care-free self and Loki finds the terseness of it worrying.

“Yes,” he replies, knowing he must sway Stark, charm him into considering their mutual interests, he reluctantly adds, “Yes, master.”

“Okay, rules are boring so I’ll keep this simple. You behave and everything will be good. You don’t and it won’t be.”

Loki simply nods, waiting for Stark to continue but he doesn’t. If it were another master Loki would allow the caution of silence, but with Stark, they both know well the game they play and he will not be fooled easily. Loki needs to show some rebellion if his obedience is to be deemed trustworthy. Besides, frankness offers Loki more of a chance at gaining information. And so he asks,
“Is that all?”

Stark smirks, “Impatient. No, it’s not.”

Loki allows a small wry smile to show, “But it’s all you’re going to tell me.”


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