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penny dreadful

Penny Dreadful Comm. and stuff

Posted on 2016.06.28 at 16:06
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bleodswean and I are the co-mods of a NEW Penny Dreadful comm, check it out verbis_diablo

To kick off the new comm. we've got a comment ficathon going and a discussion post.

Come and enjoy!


I’m currently watching the second season of Penny Dreadful. I absolutely adore Vanessa’s storyline through these two seasons and also adore Frankenstein’s storyline with his creatures and the depictions of them and surprises, light and dark. And the poetry, lyricism and philosophy they all hold. I really love the way this show conveys the weight of guilt. It brings a visceral depth. There’s a realness to the slowness of developments, of things ongoing affecting the characters continually, it’s real and not forced or exaggerated. Which speaks greatly to the actors talents as well as the writing.

I especially love the way Vanessa’s fight is conveyed, throughout but particularly in S1 episode 8. Fighting the darkness with everything, while loving the darkness, while being the darkness. This is also true of Jon Clare, thinking himself much darker than he is but also having the darkness, but then so outmatched by Lily’s darkness. Also Lily’s entire deception, especially her outburst with Jon Clare, a schizophrenic burst from one extreme to another and yet entirely believable and poignant.

Everyones pain and guilt and sorrow in their interactions is done so beautifully. I love the way the characters all meet each other in odd places, forming random yet significant connections to each other. Especially Jon Clare and Vanessa.  

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