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stargate, DanielJackson

Fic; Falling pieces

Posted on 2011.06.30 at 23:32
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Title; Falling Pieces
Author; Jay
Made for tombofchallenges
Summary; All their pieces fall away; and Katherine watches.
Characters/ Pairings; Katherine/Klaus, Katherine/Stefan
Word count; 2,200
Disclaimer; I don't own TVD.
Warnings; Violence, torture, a couple of swear-words. 


Katherine watches Stefan and Klaus; it’s her favourite hobby. Every day Klaus creates increasingly heinous scenarios for Stefan to perpetrate. Every day he forces Stefan to himself create a scene horrific enough to satisfy Klaus. Every day Stefan loses a piece of himself. As the weeks and months roll by, Stefan cares less and less about others (and she’s glad). But he also cares less and less about himself; until he doesn’t care at all. He doesn’t care, and as a result rids himself of all fears of consequences.

Klaus has always controlled others through fear; fear of pain, fear of punishment, fear of death, fear for themselves and their loved ones, and has thus made Stefan into a creature that he can never control.


: :


One day Stefan leaves without permission, and returns two days later with a blood-soaked brunette on his arm.

“Let’s take a trip back to Mystic Falls, paying your friends a visit sounds like fun,” Klaus says with a casually creepy smile, just to see Stefan’s response.

“Why not,” Stefan replies, with a chillingly genuine cheeriness.

Klaus nixes the Mystic Falls trip half-way there when Stefan’s enthusiasm doesn’t seem to have reduced in the slightest. He decides to try torturing Stefan instead.

He thrusts a stake into Stefan again and again, with the ease of cutting air. But Stefan’s blank smile stays slick on his face like pancake batter. Katherine can’t help but be impressed.


: :


Katherine avoids Stefan’s room, instead idling on kitchen counters- swinging her legs like a child. Klaus has left him without blood for days, and she’d rather be bored than watch the greying husk he’s turning into. Stefan is so ugly like this. She almost feels irrationally insulted by it; that someone she found so beautiful could devolve so terribly.

“Not going to try to sneak him some blood?” Klaus taunts as he sees her hover on the opposite side of the room.

She curls her mouth up despite its objections, and lets words slip nonchalant past her tongue;

“Why would I?”

“Oh, Katerina, because you’re still trying to play games we both know you’ll lose, you should save yourself the time,” Klaus says, circling her waist with firm arms.

“Decided to come and play with me again then, given up on Stefan?”

“Darling, I have plenty of time for you both,” Klaus replies, kissing her neck with a macabre romantic motion.

When Stefan becomes too lifeless to be fun poking, Klaus finally feeds him.


: :


In the process of aiming his intense fury at Stefan, Klaus seems to completely forget his anger at her. There are points where he is downright tender with her, but smarmily so, the cat caressing the mouse between its paws. But she goes along with it, smiling back with a humble smile.

“I know you’ve felt left out,” a dimple-grinning Klaus says, patting the seat next to him.

Katherine sends him a purposefully too wide smile as she sits down, and he slings an arm around her shoulders.

“So I thought, why don’t we work together and decide what to do with Stefan next?”

She only gives him an incredulous look, too sure of a likely trap; she’s not going to give him any more ideas.

“Come on, I hear so much of this cunning manipulative vixen of a vampire, and yet there’s nothing to suggests she really exists- I’m frankly disappointed,” Klaus says, still grinning.

“Fine,” Katherine says rolling her eyes.

She only gives a moment’s thought to her distaste of torturing Stefan before dismissing it; she has never let love get in the way of her own wants, and she refuses to start now.

“You could sew some Vervain into his skin,” Katherine suggests with an icy smile, even as the idea causes her teeth to crackle, and her skin to itch. And she manages not to cringe as Klaus does just that.

Stefan makes an odd sound; he has bitten through his tongue to keep from screaming. A twitch is beginning at the juncture of Klaus’ lips, but before a smile can form anger shadows his features- as Stefan spits blood in his face. He locks Stefan down in the bedroom with stakes, and turns his gaze onto her. Blame lighting an electric fire in his eyes.

She’s quick to propose an idea they could try tomorrow. Klaus holds her wrist a little too tightly, and after too many seconds lets out a straight-mouthed smile.

“That sounds excellent,” he purrs. And they put the plan into action the next day over breakfast.  


It becomes a daily ritual. She and Klaus sit idly, throwing ideas around for what they could do about Stefan. What fresh Hell they could ravish upon him. Stefan’s craze-filled eyes never show a hint of fear. Klaus refuses to admit defeat. Katherine wonders when he’ll realise that you can’t break what’s already broken.


: :


Klaus angrily gauges out the front of Stefan’s neck, and Stefan laughs his high maniacal laugh even as blood bubbles over his teeth. He could easily compel Stefan into fearing him, but she knows he won’t; after all this time it would be too much like admitting defeat. Klaus’ frustrations have driven him a little wild, and she thinks both Stefan’s and his eyes hold the same shade of manic, angry, glee.

Suddenly Klaus’ face falls blank, and he walks to the door.

“Leave,” he orders succinctly, opening the door.

“Leave?” Stefan asks curiously, speaking hoarsely through his still reconstructing throat.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had a good hunt; humans are fun but not nearly challenging enough,” Klaus replies.

Stefan runs.


: :


Days slip into weeks, which in turn slip into months. She and Klaus track Stefan, through villages and cities, through deserts and forests, through countries and across oceans. One night Klaus falls into bed with her, and they fuck alongside the sounds of a hooker two rooms over, and stomach growling of a business man in the room above. It’s fast and furious, and she almost forgets that it isn’t something she wants.

The first news report comes just after two months. It’s not what either of them was expecting. Fires billow brightly out of two hundred windows. Bloody table legs scattered driftwood-like. Bodies lined up on fence-post skewers.  

“It’s a tad churlish,” Klaus states.  

“Stefan, upsetting the almighty Klaus’ sensibilities,” Katherine laughs.

“Just an observation,” Klaus chuckles darkly.

“We should hurry, I wouldn’t want another vampire to get to him first and ruin all our fun.”

“Relax Katerina, none of them know who they’re looking for, besides I’ve been doing this for a very long time,” Klaus replies, glancing at Katherine with knowing eyes.

“He’s killing vampires, eventually he’ll stumble on one too strong for him.”

“He will, and we’ll be right there when he does.”


: :


Stefan continues running around massacring vampires. Klaus follows; laying down networks, scoping out plans, circling locations. She sidles up to strangers at bars, coaxing out information as Klaus fondles pool cues. Weeks bleed into each other, Klaus always at her periphery- like a mosquito bites itch.

There are times when the trail seems to die in their rear-view mirror. Katherine stops herself from pointing it out; from reminding Klaus how well she knows the patterns of someone on the run. She wants to find Stefan, only she’s no longer sure why. She and Klaus have sex again, she holds her breath on the inside, refusing to get lost again. Katherine will never let Klaus ruin her. She’s stronger than all who came before her.  

Katherine clashes with vampires, while they’re watching a decapitation news special over bad whiskey. The vampires are younger, but there are four of them. Glass smashes over sticky counters. Stools crash over vampire heads. Patrons run seeing blood-eyed faces. A stake comes at her heart, and she sends it into a human. Tables break, cues snap, bottles shatter. She pulls out a heart before the others pin her down. Klaus waits for the final instant, and then slices off their heads.

Klaus smirks as he drives under a large mahogany ‘welcome’ sign. They’re close; there’s glowing ash still floating in the air. The nearness makes Stefan wary; he disappears.

The barest hints of traces guide the way, all falsely laid down trails ignored. Klaus names it a waiting game and they stop in Vegas. The blood is all the sweeter in sin city and Katherine forgets why she hasn’t been here in so long. They pick up pitiful people, and pit them against each other in games of Russian roulette; offering a ten thousand dollar prize to the winner. She runs her shoes toe up the calf of her dinners, enticing them to gamble it all on black, bankrupt desperation tastes so good in the early hours. Klaus plays the V.I.P poker circuit, and wins effortlessly without the need for compulsion; she proves she’s even better. They have sex behind a neon roof sign, Klaus is cruelly gentle; it feels like a punishment.

Three weeks later Stefan reappears.


: :


Klaus is drinking from a mug proclaiming ‘world’s best dad’ (it belonged to the blood’s previous owner) when he finds out where Stefan is. The mug makes its way back to the table swiftly, but not hard enough to crack. There’s a flash of crystalline panic on Klaus’ face as he realises Stefan is in Watertown, South Dakota. Katherine has to dig her fingers into her flesh to prevent herself from beaming.

Stefan runs. Klaus chases. Katherine watches.

There’s urgent fury on his face as they find that Stefan’s heading straight for the Atlantic. They’re on a plane in minutes. Klaus is a mask of stoicism, but everyone stares as he drinks glass after glass without becoming the slightest bit tipsy. He orders the fastest car available to pick them up, and jumps from the plane before it can land. She follows, for amusement alone.

Dimples are long gone as anger burns strongly against high cheekbones. The driver’s jugular is torn out- all time efficiency- with none of his usual flare, and the man is left to die on the kerb. The car groans as it’s pushed to limits. Katherine thinks it’s ironic that after all the time Klaus spent trying to make Stefan afraid, that Stefan has managed the reverse. He only shows rage, but the fear is obvious on this usually fearless creature.

They reach the harbour at dusk, and commandeer a boat; Klaus cursing there not being anything better. They’re about an hour out when they spot Stefan’s boat in the distance on the horizon. When Stefan realises they’re on his heels, he turns around and smirks as though he has been waiting for them. Taking out a bag, he waves, and Klaus snarls in return- dark warning grin in place. The bag is open, and from their distance it seems like thousands of potato wedges falling into the sea.

“No!” Klaus yells- loud violent fury echoes. Stefan zooms off.

As they approach the dump point, Klaus considers the rapidly dispersing little body pieces and Stefan’s distance. Katherine delights in the barely concealed torn expression on his face as Klaus brings the boat to a stop. And then promptly dives in.

There’s a reckless anxiety in his appearance as he bobs to the surface for a third time; it’s clear that the majority of his siblings’ body parts are already gone. He thrashes wildly through the water- collecting barely a handful. Katherine sits on the boat’s edge and watches.


: :


The sky clouds black with night. Klaus screams a wretched banshee sound. He has come to the surface empty-handed- nothing more to be found. The air holds the echo of Stefan’s laughter. The night drifts on with the ocean with-holding any further gift of detritus.

The day goes by similarly, diving down with breath-less lungs, again and again and again, eyes wilder with every rising- Klaus roaring in a crazed spiral of his own making.

After a few days of watching Klaus’ torment, Katherine’s enjoyment wanes- boredom taking its place, and she leaves.   


: :


Six months later Katherine is drawn back to the shore, and is shocked to find Klaus still there. She stands on a raft, long salt-strewn hair whipping freely in the wind, salt-strewn air speckles electrically on her skin, and she watches.

He has conscripted scores of witches and vampires to the search, killing those who mention the situation’s futility as he madly sputters about currents and tides and having time. She doesn’t tell him that Stefan scattered half of the Original’s parts into the Pacific. A submarine rises fruitless, and Klaus proceeds to try and beat the metal into submission. She dares draw closer as Klaus exclaims that he has found a finger tip, waving it around. He’s only puzzled by everyone’s subdued reactions to him having struck gold; oblivious to the coral between his fingers. Katherine lets slip a tiny sly smile as she realises she finally got her revenge; she was after all the one who turned Stefan into a vampire; she was the one who set the wheels in motion for Klaus’ downfall.  



Ellen Smithee
ellensmithee at 2011-07-01 08:08 (UTC) (Link)
OMG, this is stunning! The ending just took my breath away. I love it!
swirlsofblue at 2011-07-01 11:24 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you, I'm glad you loved it :)
brokenbell at 2011-07-01 22:05 (UTC) (Link)
Wonderful story! Klaus may rarely get played for a fool, but Stefan pulled it off. Your writing really rang true to the themes of TVD. Klaus may prefer to keep his siblings boxed in storage, but he can't stand the thought of them truly gone forever. Stefan the vampire hunter was a wonderful plot twist! I didn't see that coming.

Also, great job writing Katherine's POV. I love the way you depict Katherine's love/hate relationship with Klaus. And, of course, her joy at finally getting the last laugh after so many years.

Edited at 2011-07-01 10:05 pm (UTC)
swirlsofblue at 2011-07-02 09:34 (UTC) (Link)
Thankyou for the lovely comments, it makes me happy to know that you enjoyed my portrayal of plot-twists and POV :).
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