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Stefan, 203, Caroline

Crack Fic; The one where Caroline rides a horse and the Salvatores win top chef

Posted on 2012.05.06 at 09:39
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This fic was written as a part of Waltzmatilda's Chinese Whispers Crack Ficathon, each person was only given the part written by the person immediately before them, and wonderful Crackiness ensued. Below are links to both the section I wrote, and the whole thing.

Title; The one where Caroline rides a horse and the Salvatores win top chef
Characters/Pairings; Stefan, Caroline, Klaus, Elijah, Jeremy/Katherine, (the whole thing also includes Rebekah/Damon,  Bonnie/Finn, Elena, and Alaric).
Summary; Caroline rides a horse...
Word Count; My section- 690. Whole thing- 10,000.

Elijah coughs softly and Caroline turns to him with a toss of her head, and that’s when she realises it wasn’t a cough. Elijah’s skin greys, and he falls to the floor - daggered once more.

“Hello, Caroline,” Klaus says, grinning.

“Why did you do that? Actually, you know what, I don’t care.”

“I thought Belladonna might be lonely, so I brought a friend; his name is Buen-Amigo,” Klaus states plainly, face alight with dimples.

It’s only then that Caroline notices that Klaus has brought her yet another horse.

“I don’t want your horses!” Caroline tells him, her voice high pitched but firm.

Then she looks forwards, taking the reins in her hands, she intends to elegantly trot away from him. Ends up galloping instead.

Klaus hops onto the other horse and rides fast to catch up with her.

“I’m coming to your rescue,” he bellows.

Caroline, considering the damsel in distress lines that will ensue and very much not wanting to be rescued by Klaus, flies off the horse and onto a tree, and soars up to keep an eye on the runaway animal. From up high in the treetops she spots Stefan. She decides to enlist his help for her deal-with-Klaus-and-horses plan, and flies over to him.

“Stefan! Klaus keeps giving me horses, and asking me out, and stalking me, and it’s creepy, and I need to make him stop, and you’re going to help me.”

“I don’t think I’m the best person for this Caroline; the last time I tried to get Klaus to do anything, I practically started a war. Besides I’m busy; have you seen Elena? No one seems to know where she is, or be able to contact her,” Stefan asks with consternation.

“Elena’s fine, she was on the phone like five minutes ago, but from an unknown number; she’s probably just out of range. And I can tell by your face that you’re back to being good Stefan now, so it’s different,” Caroline explains matter-of-factly.

“Ok, I guess I can help,” Stefan replies with grudging acceptance.

“Let’s think about what we’re going to do,” Caroline orders.

The furrowed lines on Stefan’s face disappear to make way for a small smile: “I have an idea,” he declares.

“Stefan ate my horse!” Klaus cries, a lone tear of loneliness sliding down his cheek.

The actually uneaten--but mildly grazed upon--horse lets out a neigh as Stefan wipes the horse-blood (which he had used to fool Klaus) off of his face.

“Stable’s ready,” Caroline calls cheerily.

Stefan eyes the seemingly perfect makeshift stable--where they’re planning to hide the horse for a little while--with admiration.

“How did you do this inside an underground cave? …Right, you’re Caroline,” Stefan trails off, affecting a lopsided smile.

Caroline beams in response.

“Well, you’re the one who found another undiscovered underground cave,” she points out a moment later.

Stefan shrugs; “It is the Lockwood estate.”

Caroline nods in agreement. At that moment Belladonna wanders over to her, and she strokes his mane. Then the horse begins to explore a nook of the cave, and picks something up in his teeth; a necklace of some kind. Caroline touches it…

Jeremy watches as Katherine rises from the bed, only in her underwear, and proceeds to sit and do her nails. Shaking himself out of his post coital lethargy, Jeremy reaches for his muted phone--to listen to the message he had ignored. One message has morphed into eleven, alternating between an increasingly concerned Bonnie and Stefan.

The guilt and anxiety he feels only grows when he skips to the last message and hears Stefan calmly tell him Caroline heard from Elena, and everything is okay. His fingers find Stefan’s number before his mind thinks of doing it. It goes to voicemail.

“Hi, um, about that phone call Caroline got from Elena? It was actually from Katherine, so Elena’s still missing. And no, before you ask, Katherine didn’t take her. Are you sure Rebekah has been with Damon this whole time--it does seem like her MO. Please call back as soon as you get this, I’m going to start looking...

Click here for The entire thing 

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