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Stefan, 203, Caroline

Fic; The Forgotten Scar

Posted on 2012.08.26 at 17:16
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Title; The Forgotten Scar
Characters; Caroline and Damon
Summary; Coda for 2.08, the moment in her house.  
Warning; Mentions of past abuse

He’s the brother of someone she knows. He’s the brother of her new friend. He’s standing in the doorway of her bedroom; and these are the things they’re pretending. That this room doesn’t have history for them. That she isn’t packing the same make-up she used to cover the bruises. They banter flawlessly, forgetting the bloody underside, it’s easy to forget. The memories weren’t there, and then they were; all fuzzy and senseless and easy to ignore. It’s like that time she caught Jeremy smoking pot, and then they were left alone together, and she talked to him in the friendly way you do with your friend’s siblings, because the wrong things they do don’t have a place there, except this is nothing like that.

He grabs her. And there’s a moment. They remember, everything. She’s terrified, not of him. Ok a little of him, but mainly of her world collapsing around her because of the weight of this one moment. She’ll have to tell, because this moment happened and changed everything, and then everyone who matters will hate her, because now she remembers what everyone has forgotten. They’re back at the horrible, horrible beginning again, and she thinks if she doesn’t get out now she’ll be stuck in this moment forever. She needs to do something, but she doesn’t feel strong enough, needs to say something, but doesn’t know what, wonders whether they’ll notice if she’s not at school. That’s something to say so she says it.

“I’m late for school.”

He lets go, and they both escape the moment, and she wonders what will happen now that they can’t pretend anymore. But then he pats her shoulder in apology; not for everything, it could never be enough. It’s an apology for the moment, because that’s all there is to apologise for in this world of lies. It’s easier this way, so she takes the apology, lets the moment slide into insignificance as he opens the door for her, and she heads off to school.  

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