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stargate, DanielJackson

Merlin Review (rant)

Posted on 2012.10.06 at 21:23
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Episode 5.01 or Merlin finally has a season premier without an army of the undead trying to overthrow Camelot…and replace it with nothing much.

I see animals in fiction and am convinced they’re tvd characters, as is my brain. In other words Klaus and Damon were in this episode in the form of a wolf and a crow.

Bad stuff first:

They mention it has been three years, and I’m all wtf with this show and its time jumps. Why do they only do character development in time jumps, can they not hire a writer with this strength if they don’t feel confident enough. I’m very excitable and fed up at the same time with this show, I used to enjoy it a lot more before I started over-analysing it.

Anyway there’s a wolf, and my first thought is Klaus is trying to eat Gwain. Then Morgana appears and I let out an eternal sigh. The downfall of any prequel is the inability to kill off the bad guy, there’s nowhere this storyline can go; as we’ve already noticed from the previous two seasons. And killing off the lackeys doesn’t count.

At least Mordred is semi-new, I guessed it was him at the beginning. Question: has this actor grown up ridiculously fast or is this just amazing casting because he looks exactly like him except not quite.

Is it just me or are Merlin and Arthur having the same conversation they’ve had a million times, except some of the words are different. Someone needs to make a youtube video showing just how similar some of these conversations are.

The once epic speeches/monologues/conversations now feel old, tired and repetitive. Even the ominous prophecies don’t feel ominous anymore. Also. This is a prequel, as well as not being able to kill off the bad guy, Merlin and Arthur can’t die so they need to stop fixating so many episodes around it.

Good stuff:

Merlin juggling and Arthur’s face is hilarious.

Them getting caught in a net is hilarious.

There wasn’t an army of the undead trying to overthrow Camelot.

I remind myself the previous season had some overly repetitive stuff, but last season also brought more epic than this show has ever seen. And this key idea thing may actually go somewhere.

Morgana’s lackey-of-the-season seems to have the same position here as he does in Game of Thrones, this amuses me.  


upupa_epops at 2012-10-06 21:10 (UTC) (Link)
I actually said "Hello, Damon's crow!" while watching XD.

I appreciated this episode for the eyecandy. Gawain, you know your way to my heart.
swirlsofblue at 2012-10-07 07:10 (UTC) (Link)
I actually said "Hello, Damon's crow!" while watching XD


I was convinced it looked exactly like it, but this crow was probably a bit bigger. And my head is creating AU's where Klaus went back to England and found Camelot.

I suppose it was a rather eye candy heavy episode. I tend to not notice these things. I once watched a true blood episode and went, I've just watched a five minute advert, and now they're having sex for several more minutes, I'm bored *changes channel*.

At some point I'm really going to have to just steal all your icons :)
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