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torment of tantalus, klefan3

TVD Big Bang Fic; Torment of Tantalus Masterlist

Posted on 2012.10.25 at 16:37
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Title: Torment of Tantalus
Author: swirlsofblue
Artist: thesicko1012
Beta: ellensmithee
Word Count: 12,500
Rating: NC-17 (for violence)
Characters/Pairings: Klaus/Stefan, minor Damon/Elena, Caroline, Elijah.
Warnings Graphic violence, mild sexual content, character deaths, dark themes.
Summary: Stefan gets kidnapped by witches and bitten by a werewolf. Klaus needs to get to Stefan in time to give him his blood and cure him. If Klaus is going to reach his lover before it’s too late he will first have to reach a long lost part of himself. Damon comes along for the ride to ensure his brother is saved. Meanwhile Caroline tries to look after Stefan as he begins to hallucinate and relive the key moments of his and Klaus’s relationship. Written for tvd_bigbang
Author's Note; Thank you so much to ellensmithee for the wonderful betaing, and thank you so much tothesicko1012 for the awesome banner, icons and fanmix.

Chapter One  l  Chapter Two  l  Chapter Three

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